Squarespace Website for Photographers


sPring sale!

Special Spring Package for wedding PhotographerS!

It’s the planning season and couples are looking for wedding pros like you!
We’ll make you and your portfolio shine! So you can attract your dream clients !


*DOES NOT INCLUDES THE Squarespace hosting FEE and Domain

Professional Web design and Logo for only $499*


Mill Valley

Password: 123



Password: 123


How does it work?


Step 1.

Choose which Squarespace Template (Mill Valley or Larkspur) and wich Logo from our spring flower collection you like and hit the Button “ BOOK NOW!” below!

Step 2.

We will find together a Date to start your new Website.
To block out your design time-line on our calendar, we ask you pay a 50% retainer and sign a contract.

Step 3.

You will be given some homework to have completed prior to the start of your project.
(Collecting all necessary information to implement the Design with your personalized details)


Step 4. 

Now it’s our time to create some magic! We will do Design implementation with your images, copy and graphics.

Step 5.

We help you to create a Squarespace Account, you must now pay with a credit card for your Squarespace Hosting fee (between $144 $216/year). After that we can connect your Domain and set your Homepage live! YEAH !

Step 6.

You will receive an easy step-by-step video tutorial how to maintain your website.



  • Squarespace Website (mill valley or Larkspur template)

  • one logo from our flower spring collection for free!

  • SEO Squarespace Checklist PDF

  • 1 on 1 Communication


  • easy step-by-step video tutorials how to maintain your website

  • social media launch banners to tell the world about your new site





Squarespace is an online program to build websites and a hosting platform.
We work with and love Squarespace.
This platform is 100% customizable and allow you to update/edit your content easily and quickly.


They offer a few billing plans. Visit  Pricing page for more details or Learn more about them here.

How long will it take till I get my Website?

It will take us about 1 Week to build your new website, starting from the date which we agreed on our contract.


Yes! IT’S SIMPLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN.  A beautiful website isn’t very useful if it’s not updated and maintained to meet its purpose: telling your story, showcasing your work, helping customers to contact you. We teach you the ropes about how to use your site.

Squarespace uses a drag-and-drop editing interface in which you can make simple updates without requiring a web designer to break into any heavy duty code. This makes it quick and easy to write blog posts, add new photos to galleries, update information, etc.


Yes, you can buy your Domain at Squarespace or from a third  provider. 
We think it’s worth to purchase your domain through Squarespace and have it managed there. The first (1st) year is free.

More Info: https://www.squarespace.com/domain

i already have a logo and want to keep it.

No problem. The spring flower logo collection is optional.
Please send us your current logo in a good quality ( we prefer eps. File) so we can install it into your new website.

I already have a Homepage on another Platform (for example WordPress) can I move my current Site to Squarespace?

Absolutely. If you already own your domain or have a site hosted by another provider, you can move to Squarespace using these options:

If you already own a domain - We can transfer or connect your domain to Squarespace.

If you already have a website - If you have a site with WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger, we can import your blog content to Squarespace.
Since moving between website platforms can affect how search engines view your site, Squarespace recommend following these best practices to protect your search ranking during your transition. (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543797)

I already have a Website on Squarespace, will I lose my content during the work process?

If your site is on Squarespace, whenever you start implementing the new design all your content and pages will remain intact. We will implement the new design in Preview Mode, so your visitors will see your old site while we work on your new site. When we are ready, the switch to the new site is just a click away

I don’t really like the Templates, can I have a more personalized Web Design?

No problem! Please contact us and we can send over a proposal.